3 Countries. 4 Programs.
1 Blueprint for Youth-Powered Impact.

Across all three countries, A360 programming is driven by girls’ dreams to achieve their self-defined life goals.

In Ethiopia, A360’s Smart Start uses financial planning to initiate contraceptive counseling with rural, married girls. In Tanzania, A360’s Kuwa Mjanja blends opt-out contraceptive and life-coaching services for urban and peri-urban girls. In Nigeria, A360’s 9ja Girls and Matasa Matan Arewa programming uses love, life and health as entry points to inspire and serve urban, peri-urban and rural married and unmarried girls across the country’s northern and southern regions.

Our Countries

Southern Nigeria

132% Girls Served

# of Girls63,838


Northern Nigeria

80% Girls Served

# of Girls9,684



140% Girls Served

# of Girls24,915



77% Girls Served

# of Girls138,713


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