Adolescents 360 (A360) is a project revolutionizing the way adolescent girls access contraceptives. Launched in January 2016, A360 is a four-year project that aims to increase voluntary, modern contraceptive use among adolescent girls (15-19 years old) in Ethiopia, Nigeria, and Tanzania. A360 is co-funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Children's Investment Fund Foundation. PSI leads A360 with a core consortium of partners. A360 builds on the work of philanthropist and design-thinker Pam Scott in Tanzania.  

Why revolutionize?

  • 25% of girls 15-19 years old in Sub-Saharan Africa would like to delay or avoid pregnancy, but are not using contraceptives
  • Traditional approaches (youth centers, youth corners, peer education) are not working

Revolutionize means:

  • New models of service delivery
  • New models of evidence-based program design
  • Open-source sharing of what we learn and develop 

A360 solutions reframe contraceptives for adolescents as "the first step to making your future your own." Our solutions align with what we know from the evidence-base, combined with what we are learning through a new approach to design, getting us to better results:

  • Creating opt-out private moments with youth-friendly health providers who are embedded within fun programs that girls identify as immediately desirable (financial planning, goal setting, relationship skills, vocational skills)
  • Increasing girls’ beliefs that contraceptives are relevant for them right now and protect their fertility
  • Transforming parents and partners into contraceptive allies
  • Embedding adolescent-friendly health services within government infrastructure to ensure sustainability and scale over the long-term

We are turning the model 'inside-out,' starting with her. Traditional "for her" public-health programming has not translated to change at scale:

  • Researchers research; programmers program; there is little input from other disciplines and few opportunities to bridge the findings with solutions

Starting with her means taking a different approach: 

  • Revisit the evidence, leading with curiosity and empathy
  • Get out of boardrooms and into her world
  • Involve young people as research and design partners

The A360 Approach

We assemble unlikely teams of experts and young people:

  • Our teams are made up of youth, professional designers, public health specialists, developmental scientists, technology specialists, anthropologists, and marketers

  • They contribute their expertise and perspective to understanding and solving problems together

  • The mandate: bring your expertise, but leave your ego at the door

We marry creativity and science:

  • We build on evidence and follow intuition

  • We bring scientific rigor and evidence to a creative process

  • We seek sharp consumer insights

  • We seek deeper, emotional understanding of and connection to the evidence

We test-drive ideas in the real world, learn, and improve them:

  • We put in the time up-front to refine ideas and get them right
  • We learn from our experience and change course when needed
  • We don’t pre-test solutions with consumers, we let them engage with solutions first-hand (test-driving)
  • We continually assess concepts using the evidence and rigorous criteria that includes Scalability, Sustainability, and Cost

We scale up solutions that delight her and work in real life. For our solutions to work in real life means that they must do the following:

  • Be cost-effective
  • Have the ability to work at scale
  • Build into/on existing systems
  • Leverage partnerships
  • Not reinvent the wheel


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