3 Countries. 4 Programs.
1 Blueprint for Youth-Powered Impact.

Across all three countries, A360 programming is driven by girls’ self-defined desires for financial independence and quest for identity.

In Ethiopia, A360’s Smart Start uses financial planning to initiate contraceptive counseling with rural, married girls. In Tanzania, A360’s Kuwa Mjanja blends opt-out contraceptive and life-coaching services for urban and peri-urban girls. In Nigeria, A360’s 9ja Girls and Matasa Matan Arewa programming uses love, life and health as entry points to inspire and serve urban, peri-urban and rural married and unmarried girls across the country’s northern and southern regions.

Our Countries

Southern Nigeria

28% Girls Served

# of Girls19,805


Northern Nigeria

11% Girls Served

# of Girls2,406



74% Girls Served

# of Girls13,280



39% Girls Served

# of Girls59,634


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