The Basics

Adolescents 360 (A360) is a project revolutionizing the way adolescent girls access contraceptives. We turn the traditional public health model inside out in several ways:

  • We assemble unlikely teams of experts and young people.
  • We marry creativity and science.

  • We test-drive ideas in the real world, learn, and iterate.

  • We scale up solutions that delight girls and work in real life.

A360 is led by Population Services International, together with, the Center on the Developing Adolescent at the University of California Berkeley, Triggerise, and the Society for Family Health Nigeria. A360 is funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation.


Ways you can engage with a360


Provide INput on the A360 Project

The success of A360 relies on the experiences and knowledge of our partners and community. We invite you to share with us your perspective on working in adolescent reproductive health programming. 



Comment on the Flub

The Flub is a blog about learning from mistakes. We welcome you to read and comment on each post to help us uncover new solutions and ways of seeing our work.



Follow A360's progress on social media

A360 regularly shares program updates and lessons through video, photos and quotes. Please follow us on the following platforms: 


Share A360 with your networks

The A360 project is designed to inspire program designers working in adolescent reproductive health. We invite you to share the lessons learned with your networks to encourage them to follow along and engage.  Below are a few examples of real-time lessons we share. 

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How do we help girls in Tanzania achieve their dreams? Join the conversation at #Adolescents360

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There are still many myths & cultural norms against contraception to overcome. Join the conversation at #Adolescents360

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Does this surprise you? Join the conversation at #Adolescents360

Key Resources

A360 Brochure

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