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A360 Tanzania's Kuwa Mjanja is a Girl-Centered call to action

In Tanzania, there are 2.3 million girls aged 15-19. More than half of girls in this age group are sexually active, but three in five do not have access to a family planning method. Of those who do use contraception, only three in 10 resort to a modern method.

It’s within this landscape that Kuwa Mjanja (Be Smart) delivers life, skills and contraceptive counseling sessions—tailored to and branded for the unique needs of the girls we serve. It’s a girl-powered call to action that seeks to reframe the narrative about girls, and contraception, in Tanzania.

Approximately one in two girls who attends Kuwa Mjanja programming voluntarily takes up a modern contraceptive.

Kuwa Mjanja blends contraceptive and life-coaching services for urban and peri-urban Tanzanian girls, with and without children. With programming offered in delightfully branded pop-up outreach events and public and private health clinics, Kuwa Mjanja creates a space for girls to feel special and part of something bigger than just themselves.

Kuwa Mjanja taps into girls' priorities: finding ways to make money, managing growing responsibility and navigating the transition to adulthood. This framing helps girls figure explore how they might achieve these goals, of which includes contraception.

Branding is everything

Kuwa Mjanja is a girl-centric brand that leverages storytelling, symbolism and beauty as ways to connect with girls. The brand uses a pineapple motif as an inspirational and familiar symbol to showcase our slogan: Stand Tall, Wear a Crown and are Beautiful on the Inside. 

Kuwa Mjanja come to life through six ke service elements: the Kuwa Mjanja brand; relevant messaging; demand creation; sustained engagement; learning experience with on-site services; and girl-centered delivery.

We're Building on investment 

Our work in Tanzania benefited from an initial year of funding, design, and capacity-building support from Maverick Collective member Pam Scott. This work was a springboard for the A360 efforts that began in early 2016, and led to some of the breakthrough insights and solutions that are being piloted now.

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This document is intended to capture learning derived from A360’s prototyping with married girls and their influencers in Tanzania. It reflects the voices of the people the A360 team met and complements earlier insight work focused on unmarried girls as the team seeks to identify overlapping and divergent design opportunities for the two groups. (2017)

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