Constant Contact?

With decentralized activities going on across many time-zones, and a very dynamic creative process, keeping A360’s many stakeholder apprised of key strategic decisions can be really tough. Some people want to be included in every twist and turn, and others are annoyed by an onslaught of emails about stuff that doesn’t directly require action, so we’ve struggled to find the right balance. But when our quarterly “project health” dashboard stakeholder interviews revealed that stakeholders who aren’t part of the daily communications streams were really craving more real-time, high level information about decisions, we knew we had to do something.

We have just started sending a weekly A360 NewsFlash email. It’s a very quick executive summary of major decisions and activities, shout-outs and big things coming up. After just two weeks, we’ve gotten feedback from stakeholders that it’s useful and makes them feel more able to contribute to A360. It’s not polished or fancy, but it’s helping.

How have you solved communication issues on teams? How do you know if you’re communicating too much or not enough?

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By Manya Dotson, A360 Project Director